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Ashford Joy 2 Spinning Wheel 

The Ashford Joy 2 spinning wheel hashford jou 2 spinning wheelas been re-designed with a larger sliding hook flyer and larger bobbins, that hold more yarn. This means you can spin longer without having to change your bobbin. Just pinch the yarn guide and slide it to where you want your yarn on your bobbin. You will love this compact, single drive, foldingashford joy treadle detail spinning wheel that will go wherever you go.

The Ashford Joy 2 has a clear lacquer finish and is almost completely assembled. The ratios are 6, 8, 11 & 14:1 so you can spin a variety of yarns. This spinning wheel includes three bobbins, built in lazy kate, threading hook and instructions. Available as a single or double treadleashford joy 2 spinning wheel. An optional carry bag will let you transport your Ashashford joy spinning wheelford Joy 2 spinning wheel safely. Durable black and tan construction with light padding for both single and double treadle versions.

Optional accessories for the Ashford Joy spinning wheel available; Freedom Flyer Kit (Jumbo Flyer). Additional bobbins single drive (like the ones that come with the Joy) or Jumbo bobbins (for the Freedom Flyer Kit).

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Single Treadle - $760.00       Single Treadle with Bag - $830.00 

Double Treadle - $790.00      Double Treadle with Bag - $860.00 

Joy Bag only- $115.95            

Did you know..... that this wheel was named after Richard Ashford's mother Joy? This spinning wheel is truly a joy to spin on!

Ashford Joy 2 Spinning Wheel Deal

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FREE  32 ounces of Dyed Merino wool top for spinning (sorry you can not pick color(s)

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